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Chattam amp Mattress in LAX International Airport

Airport departed from Los Angeles until 2016 On May 18, to provide the planned improvements to the Los Angeles middle building, including the Northern Hemisphere Northern MSC (MSC North). The airport moved to the United States Navy, Mugwy Put, part of the Navy's Venture's Naval Base (NBVC). The runway training center is a museum, formerly called the Western Imperial Terminal. This building has made several charter flights (eg Condor Airlines, Martinair Holland, World Airways) and regular flights to MGM Grand Air. It was left empty for 10 years until it was re-opened as a LAX training center. The center contains information on aviation history, several airport photographs, as well as airplane models, flight waiting uniforms, and general aviation monuments such as playing cards, Chinese magazines, signs and even the TWA gateway information. The museum also offers school trips and guest hosts.

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