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Chattam amp Mattress in La Crescenta

The Sparr Heights Community Center was built in 1922. At the beginning, as a Sparr Heights residential community real estate office, originally called Oakmont Park. It was donated later in 1922. On December 24, he moved to Glendale and became a community meeting point and a senior center. The Sparr Heights Community Center is located in John S. At Fremont Elementary School, Street, Glencoe Way, 1613. La Crescenta Elementary School was built in 1887. At the corner of Foothill and Dyer, but soon moved to La Crescenta and Prospect. 1890 A wooden school home was built here. In 1914 it was replaced by a larger school building and in 1948 the current building. Old school bell: La Crescenta's school bell for the first time in 1890 It was stored in 1948-1976. In the warehouse when it has surpassed and is dedicated to the La Crescenta first grade children's name mark. Currently, graduates are called once a year. The call is located on the opposite side of La Crescenta Elementary School.

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