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Interrupted sleep can have a direct and indirect impact on family life and relationships, as it affects a person's mood and his or her ability to perform daily activities and function in society.

The Importance of Circadian Rhythm for Healthy SleepOne American study estimates that annual insomnia costs range from $ 92.5 billion to $ 107.5 billion. sleep accidents.46% of people with frequent sleep disorders report that they did not come to work, missed an action, or made several mistakes at work. A similar problem occurred in only 15% of cases in healthy individuals. We know the consequences of the epidemic - several statistics35% of people feel that they have not slept long enough for their physical and mental health. % of the adult population. If not properly treated, it can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the sick. Restless leg syndrome is a common disorder that affects 3-10% of the population. The number of people affected and the degree of severity of the disorder vary in different countries

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