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chattam amp mattress in elysian park

Bed cabinet with storage The advantage of this type of cabinet is its versatility. It is produced in two different widths (5 and 8 cm) and three standard heights (15, 30 or 35 cm).

This is the ideal solution for those who want to use the storage space under the bed. The body (5 or 8 cm wide) is equipped with a metal storage compartment to accommodate bed linen or seasonal clothing. Thanks to special pneumatic piston fittings, the metal grate leans out of the front of the bed.

Maxi Body 32 An important advantage of this solution is its easy access to storage space. Simple dismantling of the bottom of the compartment makes it easier to keep the bed clean. Sophisticated design protects the grate from "breaking". The body is made in two heights: 30 and 35 cm.

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