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Chattam amp Mattress in Burbank

During the next few decades, the plants will leave the area large and small. Which is mainly the agricultural and pastoral period will be replaced in different industries. Morland worked in 1917-1937. The airplane supplier, Menasco's production company, later acquires that property. Manasco Borbanks chassis factory was closed in 1994 due to slow commercial and military orders that affected 310 people. A few months later, Moralden arrived at Berberbank, a local tractor company, a tractor producer of $ 3 million. In 1920, Edward Jergens' factory was opened at Verdugo Avenue next to the Berberbank railway line. Andrew Jergens, from his father, Cincinnati's businessman Andrew Jergens, from Sir and Business Associations, Frank Adams and Morris Spazier, has acquired a website and built a one-storey building. They began with the only product, coconut butter, but then began to withstand creams, lotions, liquid soaps and deodorants. In 1931, despite the depression, the Yergens company expanded to build new offices and delivery departments. 1939 Berber was merged with Andrew Jergens Srinzing, Andrew Gergens of Ohio. The factory was shut down in 1992, about 90 employees.

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