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chattam amp mattress in alhambra

Non-adjustable grates

Simple, non-adjustable grids are designed for healthy people who are looking for good and cheap solutions. One form of non-positioning grate is the model, which is characterized by greater slat flexibility in the back area, making the mattress more adaptable to the body during sleep (Double Flat T5, R6). For models for a double bed, the center plate must be extended.

Grids adjustable in the head and leg area

They allow you to position the mattress grate in the head and leg area (more than 2/3 of the grate height). It is an ideal solution for rehabilitation needs.

Grates with moving parts

These are flexible grids that can be adapted to the needs of a person in different positions. They have 4 regulation points - two at the head and two at the feet. The ability to position each of these parts separately allows them to adjust their height to the needs of a lying person and, at the same time (eg in the case of a long-term patient) to adjust the angle of inclination of each person's activity (which on the one hand contributes to improving the quality of life and on the other hand helps to reduce risk of pressure ulcers).

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