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Califorina King Mattress in West Hollywood

In the 1940's, somewhere was marked by the inscription "FAGOTS - STAY OUT" in Barney Bar. The message shocked the locals so much that Life magazine published an article in 1964 about resisting resistance that contained a photo of the owner who had taken a firm stand. The owner died in 1968 and the efforts to eliminate the mark went on. 1970 On February 7, Guy Spiritual Front organized a restaurant closure for the solution. The sign disappeared that day. The sign was installed and removed several times over the next 14 years, but the style was abolished in December 1984, just a few days after the city was voted. That mayor, Valerie Terrino, the entire city council, and gender rights activists invaded Barney and dropped off the insult on the wall. It is held by Morris Keith for many years now and is now kept at ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives.

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