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Califorina King Mattress in South Pasadena

In the US House of Representatives, South Pasadena is in the 27th District of the California State Congress, represented by Democrat Judy Chu. The South Pasadena School of Education (SPUSD) includes five schools: three main schools (Montreal Hills, Manengo and Arroyo Vistas), South Pasadena Secondary School and South Pasadena Secondary School. Currently, the former primary or secondary schools are Lincoln (now Arroyo Vista), El Centro (now school district headquarters), Las Flores (limited lessons, Flores, Adobe, Historical Mark) and Oneonta (later Montessori private school). The South Pasadena and the nearby city of San Marino have long-standing rivalries. Until 1955 Both cities had the same high school, which was next to the South Pasadena Public Library. Every year, school football teams compete for the winner's board. As of 2014, the South Pasadena team was the 28th, San Marino was 29th. Many SPHS teams have won CIF titles over the years.

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