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Califorina King Mattress in San Fernando

Adult Entertainment Valley became the leader in film production for adults in the 1970s and became billionaire billion-dollar industry, earning a nickname for Puerto Vallarta, the Silicon Valley (unlike the Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara Valley) and the San Pedro Valley. AVN magazine, a leading industrial newspaper, is based in the Northwest valley, like most American adult video distributors and magazines. Paul Tomas Anderson's Boogie Nights film explores these aspects of the valley. According to the HBO Pornucopia series, almost 90 percent of all legally-banned pornographic movies in the United States were shot or shot by studios in the San Fernando Valley. The port industry began to decline in the mid-2000s, mainly due to the growing number of free content on the web, which hampers consumers' willingness to pay. In 2007, industry-led respondents estimated that the earnings of adult manufacturing and distribution companies decreased by 30-50%, and the number of new films dramatically decreased. Utility and Infrastructure

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