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Califorina King Mattress in Oak Park

Flora's oak park ecosystems include several species that are found in the chapel (plum bush, rocky terrain, sludge shrub of the northern slope, sludge bush of the southern slope), and coastal forest (coastal oak, coastal forest forest, oak forest, southern olive shrub walnut standing and oak sauce). The Southern California pastures have been largely disappearing due to overdose and asylum. As a result of the causes of nature and fires caused by people, tobacco and herbage often change. Both Indians and Foresters have changed the local landscape by fires and cattle grazing. 1982 On October 8, a large uncontrolled fire took place at Oak Park. The last controlled fire in 2018 In the period from November 8 to 9, Woolsey was firefighters who burned in the Oakap garden and surrounding areas. The registered flora in the last EIR Oak Park included 202 species of vascular plants divided into 52 families. Half was found in 5 families. Asteraceace, grass (Poaceae), pea (Fabaceae), mustard (Brassicaceae) and fig (Scrophulariaceae). No native plants make up 13% of the flora. The four types of plants are classified as sensitive. Catalina Mariposa Lilly (Calochortus catalinae), the Stylomecon heterophylla, the Santa's Thermal (Hemizonia minthornii) and Nolina Paris.

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