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Califorina King Mattress in LAX International Airport

LAWA train is under construction at the Automated People Movement System (APM). LAX APM will have six stations and 2.25 miles away. Three stations serving the central zone, 1-8 terminals and Terminal Tom Bradley. One East Station serves as a ground transportation hub, called Intermodal Transportation Facility-West, surrounded by hotels. The next station will be a three-level underground transit station on the LAX / Crenshaw subway. The first level in this station will be the second car for car / buses / bicycles, called Intermodal Transport Facility-East, as well as the LA Metro Rail platform. The second level will be the bridge from the main bridge to the high speed tram and the bridge bridge of APM platforms. The third level will be APM. The last stop is a car rental station, called Consolidated Rent-A-Car-Center (CONRAC). The APM was designed to reduce the need for bus maintenance and reduce traffic on the World Way. The three-stage program is estimated at $ 5.5 billion. In the US and has a 2023 deadline.

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