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At present, the Council does not have an open, full or alternative location. As of December 15, 2016, the City Council is headed by First President, Harry Leone and First Vice President Michael Clesens, who presides over the meetings. The other seven members of the council are Mrs. Mariam Barnes, Mrs. Leslie Dixon, Mr. Sophal Ehr, Mrs. Lisa Griffe, Brandon M., Mr. Aram Ordubegyan and Mrs. Desire Rabinov. Three alternate members of the 2016-17 governance are the first two MPs, Mrs. Joe Anne Spoubakis and Mrs. Step Stelbaker (each with the highest number of votes) and the third, Mr. Charles Beatty. In any election, the second place may also serve the Council, holding three positions for one year. Alternate members are elected on the basis of the total number of votes received during the regular elections, the first place, the second for the maximum number of votes, etc. up to three positions. After assuming office, alternate members may not be permanent members of the Board during their term of office. Although these members also have the right to discuss full rights and can be considered as chairpersons of the council of elders, the main difference between the permanent members and the alternative members is that the latter can not vote on an important issue or initiate mandatory voting. Moved to the city. Board Meetings. However, there are some exceptions to this limitation, such as when permanent members of the Board are absent from general meetings or when they participate as members or chairpersons at various meetings of councils / subcommittees.

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