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Califorina King Mattress in Glendale

Glendale, as well as Burbank, served as US entertainment industry, and in particular for the animation industry in the United States for several decades, as its Burbank studio in Walt Disney in the early 1960's and began to expand its business center. Park, located at the center of Glendale Business Center, two kilometers east of the city. The first is the Imagineering headquarters, and in the 1980s, other units and offices. Consumer products, Disney Interactive, Muppets Studio, and Marvel Animation Studios live today in Disney's Grand Central Expeditionary Expedition (GC3). 1985-1995 Walt Disney Animation Studio (later called Walt Disney Art Animation) is located at the Grand Central Business Center animation center. This means that the great films of Disney Renaissance are actually developed in Glendale. DisneyToon Studios, the WDAS division, is still in the center of the Grand Prix, as well as the Archives of the Animation Research Library, Disney Animation. Disney's KABC-TV is located in Circle 7, south of GC3.

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