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Califorina King Mattress in El Segundo

Initially, the entire city was in the school district of Visby, which opened in 1896. When the Inglewood Union School District was opened in 1905, it is now known as CVHUSD, its territory has included the Wisberni district. 1912 The school of Eight Sedgundo was opened, which was occupied by the District of Wiesbaden School. The area of the Eugeneogue region continues to be in Inglewood Union County. 1925 On November 22, El Sagundo's high school was formed, and El Eggando left the Inglewood Union County. The El Segundo Herald is a public "El Segundo" newspaper. It was founded in 1911, six years before the city's formation. In 2011 he celebrates the 100th anniversary of community service. The state route 1 passes through the city as the Pacific coast, and the interstate route 105 starts its journey on the Superleaf beach (the Continuation of the 1st Route 1, along the boundaries of El Sagundo). Near the northern border of El Segundo and to the east of Norwalk.

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