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Sleep is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of our nervous system and for our overall regeneration. Although a person spends an average of 200,000 hours of sleep, this area of human life is little explored. Years of research have, however, helped us to define the different phases of sleep and describe what is going on with us.

The main distribution of sleep is according to the movement of our eyes, while sleep is divided into REM phase - fast eye movement - and NREM phase - eyes without movement.

REM sleep phase (Rapid Eye Movement)

REM sleep is referred to by experts as so-called. paradoxical sleep. Although we sleep, some values and state of our body are more vigilant. The REM sleep phase is characterized by rapid eye movement for 10-20 seconds.

This is a weaker phase that takes 20-25% of the total sleep time and is repeated several times per night. The longest duration is before the awakening itself. It is at this stage that all our dreams come true.

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