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Califorina King Mattress in Culver City

Wildwood School is a private elementary, elementary, secondary and secondary school, ranging from K to 12, founded in 1971. McManus Avenue Echo Horizon School is a pre-school elementary, secondary and secondary school, which is under 6 years old, based on McManus Avenue in 1985. Culver City Graduate School of Applied and Performing Arts (AVPA) is a "specialized secondary program" created in 1996 with the support of Sony Pictures Entertainment, California State Grant. The program offers classes in music, theater, fine arts, cinema and dance, which take place after the ordinary school day of Culver City. Los Angeles College and College Colleges, Los Angeles County, Culver City, are part of Los Angeles County. The University of Antioch in Los Angeles is located near the Slaughter Avenue, at the Corporate Point.

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