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Califorina King Mattress in Burbank

In 1915, the main segments of the valley were subjected to capitulation, helping Los Angeles more than double this year. However, Bourbon was one of the few cities with its own wells and remained independent. 1916 There were 1,500 residents in Burbank. In 1922, Berberian Chamber of Commerce was organized. The federal government officially recognized Barbican's status in 1923, when the United States Postal Service revoked the city from mail delivery to a town post office. During this period Burbank's population has grown significantly, from 1908 to less than 500 to 3000 citizens. The business district grew up on the western side of the San Fernando Avenue. and stretches from Verdugo Avenue to Cyprus, and from east to Palm Avenue. In 1927, the number of streets with five miles (8 km) intersected reached 201 km.

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