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Califorina King Mattress in Altadena

The Los Angeles Sheriff Board (LASD) operates the Altaden station at Altaden. The California City Patrol operates at Altadena Regional Office in Windso'n, Altenna County. Altadena is a general jurisdiction where the Los Angeles Sheriff office calls for crime and the CHP calls for traffic. The Los Angeles County Health Department operates in Monrovia's Monrovia Health Center, serving Altrada. Cedar Deodar (Cedrus Deodara) is the official Altadena tree. Local Local Hydroid, deodor, was founded in 1883 by the founder of the fund, John Woodbury, who disappointed the trees in Italy. After two years of processing, they moved to Santa Rosa Avenue where they are now passing through the Christmas tree. The official flower is California's golden curd (Eschscholzia californica).

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