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Bed in a Box in Tujunga

The chairman of the board of directors, Glenn Hansburger, denied the accusation, saying "we did not even know the Maslak racist team." He added that the students did not go to McLean school bus, as "We believe horse riding and caring are part of the raising of good citizens. They can not ride if they spend their time in buses and school. " 1966 On July 14, the Los Angeles School Council approved the border crossing with 4-4 votes. The Times newspaper writes: "Almost 200 people who filled the Board sessions welcomed the action with the pig and called:" My baby will never go to Maclay. 1966 On September 19, about 40 cars from Shadow Hills to Gledo's junior high school staircase went. The parents walked with pickets and heads, "they pulled out of the hall a red school home and put it in front of the cemetery" as praising the concept of the neighboring school.

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