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Bed in a Box in Sylmar

Despite the fact that in 1915, In April, Charlie said that juvenile escape was minimal, only a year later, the Los Angeles police sergeant complained that "many boys are leaving." In one incident four boys passed on the 14-meter wall and dozens of officers had to spend time with them. During the first year of work, about forty-two children were fled from school. 1971 During the earthquake in San Fernando, 106 out of 305 young men escaped on the spot during the evacuation of buildings, which had serious damages. Local Authorities In 1943, Silmar's volunteers, in collaboration with the city fire brigade, set up their own station at Roxford Street in 15097, largely due to the fact that Silmar was separated from other sections by rail. Today, Sylmer's 91st Fire Station works at a fire brigade in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police is heading the Missionary Police Station at Mission Hills, serving Silmar. Territory, state and federal subdivisions

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