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Bed in a Box in Santa Monica

In 1999, a double murder was committed at the Lincolnshire Boulevard's Westside clothing store. During the incident, members of the Culver City group, David's Doll Robles and Jesse Pico Garcia entered a secret store and began firing at Anthony and Michael Hoover. Then they left the street to escape from the car, which was being run by a third member of the Culver City gang, who is still in custody. She liked the clothing store as a local party of Santa Monica gang members. Among the dead were two North American men who simply visited the store owner and their cousin to see if they could open such a store in their store. The police reported that the incident took place 13 days ago as a result of gunfire in Santa Monica, killed by George's brothers. In addition to communicating with the Culver City group, the gang members also contravene Venezia and West Los Angeles. The main competitors in these areas are Venice 13, Skull Creeps, Hellish Wanda and Venetian Gangsters in Oakwood, Venice, California.

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