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Bed in a Box in Burbank

After the Second World War, homeless veterans lived in tent camps in Burbank, in the Grand Canyon of Tunjung and in the Gryphyth Gate under the National Guard. The government also organized cabinets for collectors, Hollywood routes, and Bayanaul Avenue, in Burbank and adjacent Sun Valley. However, new homes were built, the economy improved, and military presence in Burbank continued to expand. The Lockheed's crew is 66,500, and is expanding from aircraft to spaceship, missile, electronics and shipbuilding. The presence of Björbock's Lockheed involved dozens of aircraft manufacturers. One of them was on the edge of the airport, Lockheed, Weber Aircraft Corporation, an airplane manufacturer. In 1988, Weber closed its factory in Berberbank, which employed 1,000 people. Weber products, molds, toilets and other equipment for commercial and military aircraft. Weber was in Burbank for 37 years.

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