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Bed in a Box in Arcadia

The city is celebrated in Jack Wright's novel "On the Road". The Protagonist, Sal, is delaying the "neat" teenagers when she ceases to eat Mexican food at a local restaurant. The vignette shows a cultural clash between a boutique lifestyle and a conservative America of the 1950s. At Arcadia, in the north-eastern part of Santa Anita's bicycle park, the author Hunter S. Thompson wrote most of the novel about the fear and expulsion of Las Vegas in the 1970s. In The Watch of Michael Kuningham, Laura Brown notes that he has heard about a man who died in the neighboring Arcadia. The McDonalds brothers later founded McDonald's restaurant chain for hamburgers, in 1937 opened their first restaurant, The Airdrome, at the Monrovia airport at the Arcadia / Monrovia border. In the 1940's in San Bernardino, California.

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