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Adjustable Beds in West Hills

From 1797 to 1846, this area (future western hills) was the San Fernando Ray de Campanelle (Mission San Fernando). After Mexico's independence, Spain became the former mission of Rancho San Fernando in Alta-California. 1845 Governor Pio Pico underscored the land resource of Rancho el Escorpion with three Chumashs, Odon Eusebius, Urbano and Son Urbano Mangel. He covered the western western slopes of the Westleigh Wrightleyk Avenue, his tiles (now in the 1840-1960s), near Bell Creek, near Bell Canyon Park. The American History of California Land Grants was adopted in 1850, when the Spanish and Mexican lands grants required a federal land license for property rights protection. In 1876, the United States State Land Committee licensed Rancho, the original donors for Odon Eusebius, Urbano and Mangel. In 1912, Chumash's descendants sold El Escorpion's Ranch to George Pltte. He founded the Dairy Company Renamed Ranch Platt, called Ferndale, "Escort" or "Cloverdale Milk." El Escorpión-Platt Farm until 1958 He was not nominated for Los Angeles and his water supply system until 1961. Not built.

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