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Adjustable Beds in Universal City

Universal City - Rancho Oak Crest (1912-1914) 1912 Carl Lemml toured his coast on the Pacific coast. He renamed Nestor Universal Studios and renamed the Universal City city farm. Carl Lemmm believes that Providence Ranch's territory is too small for the idea of Universal City. He ordered that the land of the water company be discharged from Lanzarshim. Universal City has moved to a new location, Taylor Ranch Ranch and Lankershim Water Water Company. They acquired plans 276, 277, 278; as well as the smallest part number 279, which was marked by Marie L. Kachart "(on the left side of the Lanckshim bridge). In the northern part of the 278th section only 230 hectares (0.9 km 2) were built in 1915. The zoo and the second open-air stage were built in the 277th and 278th horizontal northern sections. Dry irrigation areas included in the use of ceilings are not included in the standard use until the Hull-Hague Universal Master Program.

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