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Adjustable Beds in Sylmar

The community seems to be a battlefield. Dozens of homes that have not been corrected. Families were in tents or trailers in the camps on the sidewalk, fearing to return even the homes that were not condemned ... There are no houses for drinking, cooking, or light towels in all homes, although some services have been restored in recent days. There is no gas or heat. The phones are still missing. Housewives must leave the community to open grocery stores that are still open. In addition, Silmar feels that it is forgotten ... Portable toilets are placed in the street corners. The water was distributed among the villagers with water taps, which were attached to the huge reservoirs of the pulsating company Joseph Schlitz. Most villagers moved from Sylmar to fear of new earthquakes or their homes were destroyed. People are washed in Pacoima laundry. The streets were folded, as well as the sink, the width to the width. 1971 On February 21, 1500 people gathered in the Little League baseball field to demand aid from the government. Some state aid and loans have been provided to help and rebuild the residents. 1971 Explosion

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