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Adjustable Beds in Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre's historical desert was created in 1967. Based on the January 24 City Council Declaration. 1968 Sierra Mej, donated on January 27, was the first California city in California, which belongs to the wildlife sanctuary. Sierra Madre City Council added Mt. Wilson Trail to Sierra Madré's Historical and Cultural Monuments Registry, 1993 On October 12th. 1970 January 1971 Sierra Mejri Council for Environmental Action was formed. In 1974, the bell tower was opened in the Koursting Court, where it contained the initial schooling of 1885 schoolchildren. In 1976, Sierra Madre Vistas was published by Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Company. 1976 On March 19, the bicycle storage was buried under the flag of the new building of the fire and the police, and then in May. The new city hall was dedicated to the Sierra Medri Avenue in 1977. 1980s and 1990s

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