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Adjustable Beds in Reseda

For the second time in 23 years, the area suffered from a strong earthquake. 1971 An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on February 9 in the town of San Fernando (also known as the earthquake of Silmar). From North to Rezidne, it is surrounded by the North Bridge, in the east by Balbo Lake, in the south by Tarzana and Encino, west of Vinničko. The borders of the streets are the Rosario in the north, the Spitak Oreq Avenue in the east, the Victory Avenue in the South and the Western Corbin avenue. 2010 The US census had 74,363 residents at Residency 91335. The average age is 35.5 years, and the average annual income for this period was $ 53,842. Reseda was described by Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles in 2008 as "very diverse" ethnicity in Los Angeles. 2000 Population Census population is Spanish speaking: 43.5%; Hispanic white - 37.2%; Asians - 11.2%; black 4.2%; and others - 3.9%. The most common births were Mexico (33.7%) and El Salvador (12.4%), with 43.1% of the population living abroad.

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