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Adjustable Beds in Pacoima

Parts of Pacoima from the 1940's became the place where southern California escaped from poverty in rural areas. After the Second World War, many African Americans settled in Pacoim, the second wave of Great Migration, as they were excluded from other areas due to racial discrimination. 1960 Almost all African Americans lived in the Valley of San Fernando, in Pasoima and Arctica. Timmy Williams of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Pacoima "is becoming a center of African-American life in the valley". 1957 As a result of the plane crash in 1957, Douglas DC-7B aircraft, operated by Douglas, on January 31, has received an air crash and crashed Pacoima secondary school, which is then called Pacoima High School. As a result of the incident on February 1, 7 people were killed and 75 were wounded. On February 12, a 12-year-old boy died of multiple injuries. 1957 An explosion took place in Takuya on June 10. four passengers were killed and eight people were injured in the house. In the 1960s

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