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Adjustable Beds in Manhattan Beach

Sepulveda corridor Sepulveda corridor occupies a commercial area and the city's main traffic is north to south. This area is located in Manhattan Village Mall, in the eastern part of Sepulveda Boulevard, between Avenue Marin and Rosecrans. The shopping center built in the early 1980's was rebuilt in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Markos is anchored on both sides of Massey, and among the tenants are Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Williams-Sonoma and Apple Store. Near the Mall, there are many restaurants, such as Islands, Chile, Olive Road and Tin Roof. Manhattan Village Mall is part of a $ 2 million reconstruction that adds both open and close trade and restaurant spaces. In this corridor there are several medium-sized hotels, large car spares, car repair shops, restaurants, high-rise office buildings, medical facilities, pharmacies, banks, small shopping centers and target stores. Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices, which include a laboratory and pharmacy, are located in blvd. S. Sepoulla, 400. Aviation Corridor

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