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Adjustable Beds in Los Angeles

Income The average personal income of all employees aged 16 and older in Los Angeles is $ 30,654, which is slightly lower than the US average. Incomes, however, are largely different in the region, racial and ethnic belonging and sex. The average income for each household was $ 42,189, and the average per household income was $ 46,452. The average income for men was $ 36,299, and for women - $ 30,981. In the community, per capita income was $ 20,683. 14.4% of families below the poverty line and 17.9% of the population, including 24.2% of children under age 18 and from 64% to 10.5%. The most popular millionaires in the Los Angeles region are in the country, in all countries, There are 261,081 families. The share of homeowners is 47.9%, the average value of homes is 409.300 USD. 42.2% of residential buildings are in residential buildings. In 2010, the number of homeless people in the Los Angeles region was 48,000, living in the streets, including six thousand veterans.

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