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Adjustable Beds in La Crescenta

1933 In November, forest fires broke out on La Crescent, La Cañada and Montrose communities in nearby San Gabriel. During the last weekend of December of this year, a series of winter storms resulted in a 12-inch rainy light on the mountain. Strong rains have caused sudden flooding during New Year holidays. At midnight, the valleys of the island collapsed in at least three mountainous sites and millions of tons of dirt and fragments were low in the vicinity of California Valley. La Cañada, La Crescent, Montrose and Tujunga destroyed more than 400 homes. Tens of people were killed, hundreds of people remained homeless. All the families were destroyed. Landslides that began in La Canña and La Crescent in the hills, opened the way of destruction, including the Verdugo laundry and beyond.

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