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adjustable beds in highland park

Psychological exercises

Imagine a problem that won't let you fall asleep. Another option is to imagine a large chest where you put your thoughts one by one.


Meditate before bedtime. If you don't know how to do it, praise the things you have done, try to calm your mind and let all the worries go. Imagine yourself sleeping. You will fall asleep right now.

Reduce noise

As far as possible, try to shut down all sources of noise in your apartment. You can also enjoy the sounds of forest, sea or relaxing music. To learn more about this tip, see Sleep in Silence or Media.

Sleep applications

A lot of applications have recently appeared to help you sleep and calm your mind. On the one hand, this advice contradicts the advice on using monitors at bedtime, but it can help the true technique lover. However, be sure to set the screen's color spectrum to a more quiet night mode.

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