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Adjustable Beds in Glendale

1971 During the San Fernando earthquake, along the western edge of the Sierra Mountains radius, the surface fractures were about 19 miles, including several miles from Glendale. Most of the damage was in the northern valley of San Fernando, though the Glendale 31 building had serious damage and had to be demolished and many scratches were destroyed. The earthquake in 1994, the epicenter of the earthquake in Glendale, was 29 kilometers away. The city has suffered serious damage to the public parking lot, as well as damaged sections of Glendale Galerie's parking lots and external columns. Climate Glendale has Mediterranean Climate (Climate Climatic Claus), warm summers and mild wet winters. Glendale's highest temperature was recorded at 110 ° F (43 ° C) in several cases. The lowest recorded temperature was February 17 ° F (-8 ° C) in February 2003. The hottest month is in August, and the happiest month is January.

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