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Adjustable Beds in El Segundo

El Sabuno power plant is operated by the NRG American energy company. In order to combine stable and environmentally sound methods with the production of minerals, NRG will create a new combined cycle powered island with 240,000 households supplying electricity. The new power plant, which will be commissioned in 2013, will use two generators: Siemens gas turbine and additional steam. Natural gas will cause gas turbine, and hot drainage gases produce steam for steam turbines. Power plant efficiency will increase up to 58%. The great environmental advantage of this power plant is that natural gas generates a relatively low carbon dioxide as compared to other fossil fuels. The current Boeing plant, Boeing's satellite development center, was originally built by Nash Motors in 1946 and opened in 1948. In 1955, Hughes Aircraft Company purchased 500,000 square meters of land. it has built up missiles and serves as a test center.

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