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Adjustable Beds in El Monte

In the 1950s, when the unstable racial atmosphere and rock-raid hostility began, Rock'n'roll demonstrations were called under pressure from the Los Angeles County. The El Monte Legion Stadium, located outside the city, has become a rocket series of Johnny Otis and other artists. (Johnny Otis, along with Alan Freed and Dick Clark, was the main force in the growing rock and lullaby industry). Every Friday and Saturday evening, at the age of fifty, all the young people in Southern California invaded the Monte Legion Stadium to see their favorite artists. Ricky Welsh, Rozi and Originals, Brentone Wood, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Grateful Dead, Dick Dale and her Del-Tones and Johnny's "Gitar" Watson. The art lab and Huggy Boy discotheques have increased the popularity of the stadium, thanks to their widely published Friday night dance, with popular artists since the late 1950s and 1960s. El Monte Legion Stadium, as often called, was a "business" for the teenagers of that era. 1964 On March 14, they saw the "Beatles" and "Beach Boys" closed channel broadcasts.

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