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Adjustable Beds in Culver City

Aviator, a film about Howard Hughes, featured a few references to Hughes about Culver City. In 2005, Bewitched's scenes, Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, also starred in the streets of Culver City. The film was shot by Dick and Jane (2005), headed by Jim Kerry. Recently, Get Shorty, with John Torolta and Dan Devote, also starred in Culver City, Sony Pictures. In addition, Superbad Scenes (2007), shot by John Hill and Michael Kerry, were shot around Culver City High School. In 2010, "Clerics" and "Schmucks's Dinner" were filmed at Culver City. In 2011, Lincoln's lawyer, Moneyball, horrific leaders, and Jack and Gill, released in Culver City, were released. "Think Like a Man" and "Campaign" were shot at Culver City and released in 2012.

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