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Adjustable Beds in Chinatown

The US Census in 2010 had 20,913 residents in China, 0.91 square miles, excluding the population of Los Angeles Penitentiary. On average, it amounted to 9,650 people per square mile, including a blank field in the corn field. Ethnic noise in 2010: Hispanics - 36.7%, Asian - 34.6%; black, 13.8% white, 12.4%; and others - 2.3%. 2010 The average US dollar earnings ($ 29,000) was the third in Los Angeles, preceded by the Watsi ($ 28,200) and the City Center ($ 24,300). The percentage of households in the Los Angeles area (57.4%) and the University Park (56.6%) were 20,000 USD or lower (53.6%) households. Average household size was about 2.8 in the reporting period. The tenants occupied 91% of the residential houses, and the remaining owners of houses or apartments.

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