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Adjustable Beds in Chatsworth

In 1895, the new automobile route was opened, bypassing the devil hill. It was originally called El Camino-Newo (New Road), then it was called Chatsworth-Grade, which continues to use until Pass-Pass-Santa Susana (now Old Pass Santa Susana) (built in 1917). The Chatsworth branch, operated by the Los Angeles Public Library, is located at Devonshire Street, 21052. It was rebuilt in 2002. The Chatsworth Post Office, United States Postal Service, located at Devonshire Street, 21606. The US Census Bureau operates the Los Angeles Census Regional Center Chatsworth. Transportation The Chatsworth Transportation Center, the city's main transport junction and the western valley, serves 20 daily trains from Metrolink Ventura County Line to Ventura, to the Union Station in Los Angeles. Amtrak California Pacific Ocean Surfliner has 10 daily trains crossing the shore, which also carries cargo on the Union Pacific Railroad and is involved in a train collision near Chatsworth 2008.

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