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Adjustable Beds in Canoga Park

In 2008, the average annual household income amounted to $ 51,601, which is the average of the city's average. The tenants occupy 63.6% of the housing stock, 36.4% of the owners of houses or apartments. In Los Angeles, the average family average of 3 people was average. In urban districts, 18.1% of families with medium-sized families fall into families. The proportion of people aged 19 to 34 was one of the highest in the district, with the share of married men (40.4%). Los Angeles Police Theananne Community Police Station serves Canoga Park's residents, Vinnetka, West Hills, and Woodland Hills. 2009 In January, Topanga Public Police Station was opened. The police department called it historically after the Tonga village of the Indo-European Indo-Dong dynasty of Tangva-Fernandegno. At first, the department planned to call it Northwest Rail Station, but the residents preferred the name of the city's history. Until the opening of the Topanga station, the Devonshire Community Police has turned to the northern addresses of the Roscoe Boulevard, and the West Volley Police Station is south of Roscoe Boulevard. Mailing Offices:

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