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Adjustable Beds in Bel Air

1983 In April, the LAUSD Advisory Committee advised to close down eight eight-year-old school in Los Angeles, including the Bellagio Road School. The commission did not target at Fairwood Avenue School in Westwood because it allowed it to maintain ethnic equilibrium and consequently she could close the children at Bellagio Road if she had been closed. 1983 In August, the elderly publicly considered the closure of Bellagio, where 240 people studied. School involvement has decreased. 1983 In May, the council voted to open the school. 1984 In February, after the change of the Council of Elders, the parliament voted for the closure of the Bellagio Road School. Bel Air was previously located in Bellagio Road, a new school for 3-8 grades for newcomers. 2002 It has taught 390 students from Armenia, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Korea, Russia and other countries. This program was hosted at the former school of Bellagio. Bel Air private university is located at American Jewish University. Coordinates: 34 ° 05'00 "N 118 ° 26'52" to / 34.08333 °. 118.44778 DEG / 34.08333; -118.44778

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