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Adjustable Beds in Arcadia

After his death in 1939, his property became an Anakaya girls' school, which in 1967 became Anoakia's educational school, and in 1990 moved to Duarte as an Anita Oaks school. The school owner's efforts to transform the city's property into a central element were rejected by the city as houses with old houses. After long discussions with local residents and environmentalists in the region, the city council voted in 1999 for the demolition of new owners for the development of real estate in order to preserve the historic home. House "Anoaia", all other important objects of real estate and furniture in 2000, 31 settlements of the building were destroyed and some architectural elements of the remainder remained. Only the gate, the former south-western corner of Foothill and Baldwin's property, and the walls of the periphery remain after the construction of the Anoakia Estates complex. Interwar decades

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