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Adjustable Beds in Alhambra

In the California state legislature, Alhambra is located in the 22nd district of the Senate, by Democrat Susan Rouboyo and the 49th Congressional Assembly, by Ed Chawi. In the US House of Representatives, Alhambra is in the 27th Congress of California, represented by Democrat Judy Chu. The San Bernardino (I-10) highway passes through the southern parts of the city, and the northern hub of the Long Beach highway (I-710) is located in the southwestern part of the city, on Valle Boulder. The main highways of the city include Atlantic and Walle Boulvards, Mission Road, Ferromont and Garfilian avenues and Main Street. The public transport of Alhmam is provided by the Los Angeles Underground Transport Authority (Metro), as well as public transport in Algama.

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