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Beating the Super Bowl Hangover Blues

How to cope with Monday morning after the Super Bowl

Super Bowl hangoverWhy is it that the work week drags but the weekend goes by so quickly? Weekends are supposed to be a time for you to rest and recharge between work weeks. In this day and age of constantly being on the go, your weekends can be just as busy and draining as your work week. Add to that a major television event, such as the Super Bowl, which can cause you to stay up past your bedtime on a Sunday night and can make Mondays almost seem unbearable.

We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Monday when you’re running on –  or close to  –  empty:

  • Work it out – Exercise can help get your blood flowing and wake you up a bit. Just be careful not to overdo it. Try something simple such as pushups to give you a jump start. Read more at LifeHack.org
  • See the light – If possible try to spend as much time as possible in or near the sunlight. Sunlight boosts vitamin D levels and gives you a happy little extra surge of energy.
  • Eat (lightly) – Eat smaller meals, more frequently to keep your energy up. To help you avoid sugary foods and focus on proteins, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Super Bowl hangoverHydrate – Drinking ample fluids keep energy-fueling nutrients flowing through your body, whereas dehydration will worsen fatigue and your ability to concentrate.
  • Socialize – Spending 5 minutes at the water cooler chatting with your co-workers can help give you a boost, especially if they’re energetic and upbeat. Read more at DailyBurn.com
  • Power nap –Napping for 20 minutes in the mid-afternoon can help you recharge and power through the rest of your day.
  • Coffee –Coffee can be a great pick-me-up. Just watch your intake later in the day, otherwise you might have a hard time falling asleep – making your Tuesday just as rough as your Monday.

Hopefully these hacks can help you make it through Mondays when the weekend has been a little too much for you.

How do you survive the Monday after the Super Bowl?
Share your hacks with us. We love hearing from you.



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