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Sleep News – March 27, 2015

27 - 02A15HBCPermission to nap

In a new study from Saarland University in Germany participants who napped for 45 minutes had a “five-fold improvement in information retrieval from memory.” What this means – they were able to recall facts better than those who had not napped. What this means for you – you have scientific proof to back you up when your boss catches you catching 40 winks this afternoon. Yes sir, desk-napping improves job performance.

How to treat your mattress

Did you know you no longer need to flip new mattresses? Or that dust mites don’t weigh down your mattress? Grandparents.com has broken down 5 mattress myths for you. Also, cleaning your mattress should never involve water or cleaners. “Never put water or cleaners on a mattress,” says cleaning expert Linda Cobb. “Water and moisture break down the foam and other filling. It also can create mildew and odor.” The best way to keep your mattress clean: Use a mattress protector.

Too much sleep is a bad thing?

Most people would kill for a longer night’s sleep. But in turn, longer sleep might just kill you. The Smithsonian reports that new research shows that adults who sleep more than eight hours a night are at a higher risk of early death. In a study conducted by the University of Warwick, scientists analyzed 16 sleep studies involving more than a million people and found that 30% of people who slept more than eight hours a night died earlier than those who slept less. Guess not only does the early bird catch the worm but lives longer too.

sleep newsEat right, sleep tight

Everyone knows the food you eat gives you the nutrition and energy you need to get through the day. But did you know that the food you eat also effects how you sleep? In an article from The Huffington Post, different studies show how different foods effect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s true what they say – you sleep like you eat…or something like that.

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