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How to Play Pokémon GO & Still Catch Sleep

pokemon go logoLearning to catch Pokémon AND sleep!

If you see people strolling around town lately, eyes glued to their phones, chances are high they aren’t texting or looking at emails. They’re ruthlessly hunting Pokémon, the cute, cartoon critters that won the hearts of every fifth-grader since 1995.

From sunrise to sunrise, no hour is off-limits to Poke-players rushing from the park, mall, museum or even people’s homes in hopes to add all 151 Pokémon to their Pokedex. After an estimated 10 million downloads since its July 6, 2016 release, the Poke-craze is still going strong worldwide. And while most of it’s fun and games, the game has proved dangerous for some people. Two California men fell off a cliff while trying catch a Pokémon – thankfully, they survived.

The good news is, people are becoming more active and exploring their local environment – yay EXERCISE! The flipside though might outweigh the good – from trespassing, accidents and most importantly losing SLEEP over these virtual reality critters lingering our world.

Don’t tell our boss, but we escaped the office, used our pokeballs and caught 3 Pokémon that relate to our sleep. Check out how these Pokémon can affect your sleep and what you can do to perfect your sleep routine.

Hypno – the sleep deprivedhypno sleep

If you come in contact with Hypno, avoid eye contact. Hypno’s golden pendulum will put you to sleep in seconds (even if you just woke up) and then he’ll feast on your sweet dreams. This Pokémon is definitely one you want to catch – instead of the other way around.

Trouble is, after combing the streets for Pokémon day and night, lack of sleep may be trying to catch you – and you might just want to fall under Hypno’s spell. From caffeinated evenings, packed workdays and evenings finished off with just one more alcoholic drink, it’s all too common to ignore signs of sleep and fall into the spell of sleep deprivation.  

Poke-tip – Even if your days are already jammed packed, tweak your daily routine to reduce possible sleep deprivation at night. Spend 15-30 minutes a day exercising (a quick catching-Pokémon-walk will do), limit caffeine intake and follow a routine for your bedtime wind-down.

snorlax sleep deprivationSnorlax – the bedtime snacker

Weighing in at 1,014 lbs., this Pokémon is constantly sleeping and eating on his Pokebed. Snorlax will eat anything from garbage to mold to poison – nothing can upset this guy’s stomach. His snoring is known to cause earthquakes – talk about a terrible sleep partner.    

Are you like Snorlax, and love eating in bed? We get it. Sometimes you just want to binge Netflix and snack under the sheets. But did you know eating in bed can lead to insomnia, heartburn, overeating and bed bugs? A full stomach can keep you awake at night – just much as an empty one can. So what’s a night snacker to do?

Poke-tip – Time to trade in the junk food for low-calorie snacks such as string cheese, peanut butter, bananas and non-fat yogurt – delish.

Pikachu –  the device depriverpikachu shock  

This cute, tiny mouse loves to cuddle but watch out for his electric surprises. When amused or startled, Pikachu will jolt you with powerful shocks. You know what it feels like to feel jolted awake – especially when your bright light devices are to blame.

Too much light immediately before bedtime may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, and falling asleep with the lights on may not be the best thing either. Your brain is stimulated by the light, thinking it needs to be awake and functioning on levels similar to daytime. Needless to say, your brain needs downtime (also known as sleep) and an active brain doesn’t disengage well.

Poke-tip – Limit TV viewing and computer use an hour before bedtime. If you need to catch that Pokémon hiding in your sheets, dim the brightness on your screen. These critters need sleep too.

Playing Pokémon GO is a great way to explore your community and make friends along the way. No matter the activity, sleep should still be made a priority. Good luck hunting and catch ‘em all!

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