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Mother’s Day

Mother's DayTreat your mom to day filled with fun & tasty treats

This is a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday. If you’ve forgotten, have no fear – you still have time figure out something for mom. And we’re here to help. We feel mothers should be a little spoiled on the one day a year that celebrates all they do for us. What better way to spoil her than to plan a whole day of pampering and delicious eats. We’ve come up with this Mother’s Day guide to help you treat your mom to a great Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in bed

Start your mom’s day with breakfast in bed, because we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s no better way to show your mom you love her than to make her a breakfast chock full of the nutrients she needs to enjoy her day. Make her favorite breakfast foods, add a fresh flower to decorate the tray and bring her the Sunday paper (or her e-reader) to enjoy from the comfort of her own bed.

If breakfast isn’t your mom’s favorite meal, then make her whatever it is that gets her taste buds excited. Maybe she’d enjoy something tasty and healthy from our Super Bowl menu. Whatever you choose, she’ll be thankful that you took time to make her favorite dish (even if it’s not as good as her version of it).

Take a hike

If it’s nice outside, get your mom out of the house. Take a hike, ride a bike or even just stroll the streets of your neighborhood. Spend some quality time with your mom outdoors. She’ll appreciate the time with you and you’ll both get a boost of vitamin D, enjoying the sunshine together.

Mother's DayPlant a garden

Landscaping can be a lot of work. Help your mom by planting her a garden or work together on one. If she doesn’t want a whole garden to tend to all summer, create some smaller potted planets she can put around her property. Or at the very least a nice house plant can add some color to any room.

Create a sleep spa

Help your mom relax at the end of the day by creating her a sleep spa.  Suggest your mom take a nice, warm bath before bed to help her unwind. Then help her change her bedding so she falls asleep into a freshly made bed – we are firm believers that there is nothing better! Use the power of aromatherapy by spraying her bed linens with lavender-scented linen spray. The lavender will help calm her senses and drift off into dreamland.

All in all, no matter what you do on Mother’s Day to celebrate your mom, make sure she knows how loved and appreciated she is. She’ll value any effort you make to make her feel extra special that day.

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