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Our Favorite Disney Characters from Frozen – Gone to Sleep!

Do you sleep like Anna, Elsa, Olaf or Sven?

Whether you’re curled up in a ball or spread out across the entire mattress, how you sleep says a lot about who you are. Our favorite characters from Frozen are good examples of this. From Olaf who is warm and friendly to Elsa who is sensitive and shy, we love their unique quirkiness.

Ever wonder how they sleep – and what it says about their characters?  If you’re like us and have imagined yourself the fearless Anna or the loving Olaf, maybe you share sleep habits as well as personality traits with your favorite characters.

Poking a little fun at Disney – and our weird and wonderful sleep habits – are you an Anna, Elsa, Olaf or Sven when it comes to sleep?

Frozen characters and sleepAnna – the outgoing sleeper

Anna is a brave, adventurous princess, who’s ruled by her heart more than her brain – and we love her for it. We think she sleeps in the freefall position.

Sleep studies have shown that those of you who sleep on your belly with arms under or hugging the pillow are outgoing, energetic and charismatic even. Much like Anna, you’re also confident, brazen and like to be in control of your own destiny. Do you freefall every night while you sleep? Does your personality match Anna’s?

Frozen characters and sleepElsa – the sensitive sleeper

Elsa, Anna’s sister, seems to have it all together, but inside she’s shy and worries a lot about her secret magic power – she has a good heart and can’t bear the thought of hurting anyone.  We think she sleeps in the fetal position.

If you sleep like Elsa – even if you don’t have her magical powers – studies have shown that you’re likely a sensitive, thoughtful, maybe even shy person. Although the rest of the world sees you as confident, assertive and ambitious.  So, inquiring minds want to know, are you like Elsa – tough on the outside, soft on the inside?

Frozen characters and sleepOlaf – the warm sleeper

Olaf, a cute, very lively snowman, craves warm, gushy hugs. Trouble is, they make him melt.

Are you like Olaf? Do you find yourself melting every night – throwing the covers off, pushing your partner away because you’re too warm to cuddle? To help alleviate some of your nighttime heat issues, sleep experts suggest setting your thermostat for 65-69?F or cracking open your window if your bedroom is naturally warm. Also, a temperature control mattress is a great option.

Frozen characters and sleepSven – the all-natural sleeper

Sven is an adorable reindeer and loyal friend, but he’s also an animal and does not wear clothes, meaning he sleeps in the buff every night.

Are you like Sven? Do you sleep naked? There are many benefits to sleeping in the nude:

  • Less laundry because of no dirty PJs
  • Your skin has a chance to breathe while you sleep
  • Studies show nude sleepers are actually happier
  • Helps balance your melatonin and growth hormone levels by keeping you cooler

In reality, we’re all probably a combination of these characters. I, for one, am more of an Anna then anything. Who are you most like – Anna, Elsa, Olaf or Sven? Let us know how you sleep. We love hearing from you.


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