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What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About You

Time for feasting & familyThanksgiving food

Thanksgiving is always delicious, filling and enlightening. It’s the day you realize you how much you miss your 10th cousin and should connect more. Or maybe it’s the day you finally come to terms with how much you love crazy Aunt Harriet’s stuffing but know why you’re good with seeing her only once a year. This is the one holiday that’s solely about eating and family – and we take it very seriously.

What’s the one Thanksgiving dish you always save room for seconds? The dish you secretly keep a watchful on to make sure no one takes too much reveals a lot about you. This Thanksgiving think long and hard before you decide your favorite dish – it could determine the flavor of the rest of your life.

better sleepMashed potatoes

The life of the party – Look at you, so popular and fun and loveable. When you’re around, everyone wants to talk to you. When you’re not around, others feel empty and sad – and hungry. Could Thanksgiving exist without you? Well, probably. But let’s be honest, you’re the glue that holds it all together, like the butter in those golden fluffy potatoes.

Thanksgiving stuffingStuffing

The naturally likeable one – You’re an amazing, beautiful specimen of human existence. The realization that Thanksgiving comes once a year and stuffing is the reason for the season comes to your mind weeks before. Boxed stuffing is inexcusable, you need the real deal and nothing will stand in your way of achieving it. You might not be the most outspoken, but you win at life and everyone knows it.

better sleepGravy

The addict – Seriously, you never get enough of it. You always want more and yearn for it on everything, including leftover turkey sandwiches! All the sides in the world would mean nothing if you didn’t have gooey gravy to drizzle over. You’ll do whatever it takes to grab the gravy boat and start pouring like Niagara Falls on your plate. Go easy though, you might find yourself in a premature food coma.

46 ING 18980 01721editedTurkey

The wise one – Fools who argue over dark or light meat miss the point. A turkey dinner is worth waiting 365 days for – truly. You believe in second helpings and second chances. The understanding that you must watch football until 4:00 while mom bastes the “bird” doesn’t phase you. The turkey might not be patient with you when you pass out at 8:00.

46 ISS 0981 02488editedDinner rolls

The compassionate one – You give attention to the one thing that’s seems to get no love at the dinner table. Who would appreciate a measly dinner roll when a feast sits upon you? Only the nicest and most caring person there is, that’s who.

46 02A156AReditedCranberry sauce

The perfectionist – Thanksgiving is hard for you. There are so many moving parts to this feast and so many chances somebody will screw it up along the way. So why bother dealing with the possible flaws on the big ticket items when the focus can be targeted on perfect tangy bliss that goes with everything. The canned stuff just won’t do it for you, you need the real deal – perfection.

46 ISS 5757 01861editedPumpkin pie

The nice one – You clearly enjoy the sweeter side of life. You don’t waste valuable stomach space on meat or savory sides, even though people question your sanity on this. But oh, you’re so sweet that people don’t blame you for holding out for that perfect last taste to satisfy. Just remember, never let anyone take advantage of your niceness – your brother is eyeing the last piece of pie.

Time to loosen the belt buckle and prep to enjoy the feast of champions this Thanksgiving. Think twice about that food you devour most and see how your life changes.

Happy Thanksgiving week friends!

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