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Dads, Sleep & The #KingofRest


When you need a good night’s sleep, who ya gonna call?

Who loves sleep more than dads? No one! For the past several weeks we’ve been talking all things sleep with dads from around the country and we love how much they love sleep. These dads know a good night’s sleep makes them healthier, happier and, let’s be honest, better dads. To celebrate, we polished the crown and throned one lucky dad #KingofRest – how cool is that?

Want to see what our dads had to say about sleep? Read through their posts below – especially our official King of Rest!

winnerThe #King of Rest – Andrew Bennett @BenSpark

After weeks of campaigning the #KingofRest has been crowned with a new Restonic mattress. Andrew balances a busy day with sleep whenever possible – even napping at the gym.

I consider myself many things. A good Father and Husband. A fan of the 80’s and so many toys. I also consider myself the King of Rest. There are many who are vying for this title but they do not face the challenges that I do each week in getting proper rest. Sure, these other dads have to take care of their homes and their families which can be exhausting. Sure, some of them have jobs that they do on top of their familial duties. I am not these other dads. I am unique in my quest for rest. I’m also writing this at 3:30am. BenSpark.com

QuinnPatrick Quinn @LifeofDadShow

For too long we parents have toiled and struggled under this oppressive regime. For years now we have given and we have sacrificed and we have felt our losses acutely. It’s finally time that we take back what we have lost. It’s time that we turn our backs on the old tired ways of doing things and reclaimed what we is rightfully ours. It’s finally time for us all to sleep. And sleep well. LifeofDad.com

Chris_LewisChris Lewis @dadofdivas

I attempt to take in a nap here and there and sometimes I find that I can get a nap in in the strangest of places. No one ever tells you about the amount of sleep that you will lose when you become a parent, or maybe they do and in the giddiness or excitement of pre-child bliss you tune them out. Dadofdivas.com

Adam_CohenAdam Cohen @dadarocks

Being a dad is tough, sometimes it means sharing your bed with a child on a bad night – here or there but there are other children that just won’t leave.  I have one of those (well maybe actually two of those) that just won’t leave our bed. Dadarocks.com

Andrew_KardonAndrew Kardon @Mommys_busy

These days, I’m just not getting a full restful night’s sleep. That’s definitely not good because that leads to an exhausted me in the morning which makes me cranky (You won’t like me when I’m cranky!) and more prone to stress. And that just feeds the awful cycle over and over. The silver lining to this, though, is that I’ve learned to embrace the pure joy of napping. Mommysbusy.com

John_Willey1John Willey @daddysincharge

Two years after our son was born, we had another kid and sleep was basically something that I would do when I died.  I was able to manage OK with my first, but with two I was falling asleep everywhere.  Afternoons with two kids at home meant me falling asleep on the floor with them playing around me.  I was really of no use them.  I would take them to the park and the same thing would happen.  Something had to give. Daddysincharge.com

Bill_SweeneyBill Sweeney @DaddySweeney

Rest. It’s nice to have, isn’t it? Getting into that bed at night, or even stealing the once-in-a-blue-moon nap can be one the best things you do all day. It’s crazy that so many people today seem to be running around, all busy and stuff, taking their sleep for granted. You know as well as I do that sleep is one of the most important parts of a person’s daily health routine. Guyandtheblog.com

Jeff_BogleJeff Bogle @owtk

When you’re a family traveling jet setter like me, you have to be able to grab some sleep anywhere, anytime, and at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, I’m napping nobility. Whether I’m lounging on a fleet of bicycles in Barcelona, leaning up against a wall after a run or out cold in the hallway of a cruise ship, sleep comes easy and often for me, for I am the one true King of Rest.Owtk.com


Chris_BernholdtChris Bernholdt @dadncharge

It never fails, my kids wake up at the same time every day. There’s no sleeping in for them. They are morning people probably because they go to bed at a decent hour unlike my wife and I who get sucked into binge watching Netflix into the wee hours of the morning. They seem unfazed by the bleary looks on our faces as I try to brew our coffee without adding the grounds. Dadncharge.com

CjZnL0GWgAE7AFoVincent Daly @CuteMonsterDad

Being a sleep-deprived Dad, although wonderful for comic relief, was obviously not the best situation. At first I thought I could simply power my way through. After all, I was a veteran of several internet start-ups in which long hours with little actual rest was the norm. I hadn’t anticipated the stress of parenthood to be a vastly more potent emotional and physical challenge. What’s more, I inexplicably forgot about a stalwart companion to all, namely, naps. Cutemonster.com

proxy1Nick Browne @brownie_22

Look, I don’t know about the rest of the you, but in my house sleep is a premium. What do I mean by that? Basically, that if I’m actually getting a full night of sleep then chances are my kids are nowhere to be found. Where could they be? Mayhaps, by some miracle they decided it would be a good idea to actually spend the entire night in their own bed. HAHAHA Who am I even trying to kid? They never do that. Papaborwnie.com

FaquetRick Fauquet @Rick_OntheRocks

Look. We’re guys. I get it. We fix things on our own, and we use things until they are absolutely used up. I once had a pair of sneakers that I wore until the sole cracked in half. Why not? It’s not like my feet were going to grow any more. Yep. We like to make sure we get our money’s worth out of everything. But if we’re always tired and sore, we’re not getting our money’s worth. Rickontherocks.com

BenjaminBenjamin Mullen @dadonthemic

Being a Stay At Home Dad isn’t what most people think it is. I don’t spend all day on the couch in between playing video games, changing diapers and playing Patty-Cake. Rarely is there a moment to even catch my breath and so it’s imperative for one in this situation to know how to truely make the most of that Parental Unicorn: down time. Poopinbottlesdadcast.com

CreedCreed Anthony @acjlist

As an individual with sleep apnea, I am acutely aware of just how disruptive sleepless nights can be. I have learned just how important, and beneficial, a good night’s sleep can be. I have experienced the days, and I’m sure many others have as well, where I felt more like a zombie than a human because of a lack of sleep. Talesfromthepoopdeck.com



kingofrest-737x1024Kevin McKeever @NYCDadsGroup

How can they be good at school without the proper night’s shut eye? How can we, Mr. and Mrs. American Parent, be good to them if we are not getting enough sleep? Where are we going to find the energy to play with them, to make them dinner, to drive them to the 101 activities they have scheduled? Citydadsgroup.com

GreeneJason Greene @TheJasonGreene

In my kingdom, bedtime revolves around the 4 that look up to me. Bedtime is like a do-over from the day. All wrongs can be made right at bedtime. And they should be. Nobody should go to bed with feelings of regret or anger, because that will result in a night of tossing and turning. So I make it a point when I put the kids to bed to seek forgiveness where it is needed or make peace about something that happened. Thejasongreene.com

Lesser1Dave Lesser @AmateurIdiot

There are days I know I am being the worst to my kids. I’m the kind of leader I would never follow into battle, other than to shoot in the back of the head. The enemy is sleep. Or, rather, the lack thereof. Without a full night’s slumber – or at least a decent night’s repose plus a supplemental forty to fifty winks – I become a tyrant of tiredness, a dictator of drowsiness. There have been murmurings of a revolt among the proletariat. Amateuridiotprofessionaldad.com

img_2187-768x576Stacy Robinsmith @srobinsmith

After my kids were born that part of my life ended. I have not used an alarm clock since their birth. In fact for the first two years of their lives I rarely slept for more than an hour at any one time. The fact that our kids were born significantly prematurely made my wife and I hyper-concerned about their well-being. Yes, we instilled in them poor sleeping habits and we continue to live with the consequences of our choices to this day. Lifeintheburbs.ca

CjZgcMcWsAAULlVRob Ainbinder @robainbinder

I learned the hard way about what sleep does for you. I remember I was working a job at a marketing agency and I was told that my clients were “under performing”. By nature, I am a very conscientious and through employee so, this news came to me as a bit of a shock. But, what it did to me internally (and by extension my family) was another story altogether. Robainbinder.com

CiGeEjhWwAAJae1Scotty Schrier @diaperdads

Things came to a head about a year ago. I had been reading about the effects of sleep deprivation and I was pegging a TON of the side effects. So I decided to sleep more. Man, it made a TON OF DIFFERENCE. Now I’m proud to say that I sleep 7-8 hours each night, I cut down the caffeine and ADHD is under control without medication. Dadwhochangeddiapers.com

Ciig89WWUAMejOBTim Burns @geekdad248

With all the responsibilities of parenting, it can be easy for busy dads and moms not to get a good nights sleep and find themselves tired throughout the day.  Falling asleep while with your kids can put you in a precarious position if you have mischievous kids like mine who wouldn’t hesitate to wildly spin you around on a tire swing or decorate your face with a magic marker mustache. Ageekdaddy.com

CjZkPqfVAAAHDXfDon Jackson @daddynewbie

I’ve found that my sleep can be dramatically affected by not only the stress in my life, but also by the mattress I sleep on. There’s enough craziness in the world without worrying about a poor night’s sleep – just because of the mattress we’re sleeping on. Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger (and the kids makes us feel older by the day). Daddynewbie.com


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